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LW Select Boys Basketball

Lake Washington Boys' select basketball feeder program (4th-8th grade boys) participates in both tournaments and in the ETL (Eastside Travel League) in which we play other high school feeder teams.

  • Tryouts and teams formed in mid-September.  Dates/Times/Locations will be finalized in August
  • Practices: Begin the first week of October.  Each team will have two practices a week
  • Tournaments: October and November
  • ETL Season: December - late February
  • Games:  1 - 2 each weekend with breaks for the school holidays


Information about Kangs Youth Select for players coming into 4th-8th grades can be found here:

Tryouts on Sept 25 & 27 at Kirkland Middle School

Registration link -

4th & 5th Grade 5:30 - 6:45 pm
6th & 7th Grade 6:45 - 8:00 pm
8th Grade 8:00 - 9:00 pm

Please plan on attending both nights of tryouts.  

FALL BALL - Varsity Purple and Varsity White

VARSITY LEAGUE:  We will host 2 teams in the Varsity league at Bellevue College.  Generally we will have one game during the week (likely Tuesday night) and one game on the weekend.  




FALL BALL - JV Purple & JV White

JV LEAGUE: We will host 2 teams (LWHS JV Purple and JV White) in the Newport JV League with games at Newport High school on Saturdays. Be aware that most of our incoming freshmen will all be “playing up” and competing in this JV league (not a C-team league).


Click the link and then select NP Fall League blue text on the screen.  Once you enter that site,  then scroll down to see schedule or select LWHS Purple or White from the drop down tab to see games for each team.


2023 LWBBA Fall Ball Practice Schedule

All practices are at Lake Washington High School 

  • Sept 12,  Tues – JV 6pm-730pm; Varsity 7:30-9:30 pm
  • Sept 14, Thurs – JV 6pm-730pm; Varsity 7:30-9:30  pm
  • Sept 18,  Mon – JV and Varsity 7-9pm 
  • Sept 20, Weds – JV and Varsity 7-9pm
  • Sept 26, Tues – JV 6pm-730pm; Varsity 7:30-9:30 pm 
  • Sept 27, Weds – JV and Varsity 7-9pm
  • October 4, Weds  – JV and Varsity 7-9pm
  • Oct 5, Thurs  - JV 6pm-730pm; Varsity 7:30-9:30  pm
  • Oct 10, Tues  - JV 6pm-730pm; Varsity 7:30-9:30  pm
  • Oct 12,  Thurs - JV 6pm-730pm; Varsity 7:30-9:30  pm
  • Oct 17, Tues - JV 6pm-730pm; Varsity 7:30-9:30  pm
  • Oct 19, Thurs - JV 6pm-730pm; Varsity 7:30-9:30  pm
  • Oct 23, Monday - JV and Varsity 7-9pm pm
  • Oct 25, Weds - JV and Varsity 7-9pm
  • Oct 30, Mon - JV and Varsity 7-9pm
  • Nov 1, Weds - JV and Varsity 7-9pm
  •  Nov 6, Mon  - JV and Varsity 7-9pm
  • Nov 8, Weds -  JV and Varsity 7-9pm

This is the schedule for now.  There WILL likely be some shifts or cancellations due to unpredicted shifts in LWHS Fall Ball sports schedules (aka Volleyball/Dance) that get priority gym access over LWBBA.  We will communicate with those as we know it!


Special Note For Varsity Teams: There are some  conflicts between Tues practices times and Bellevue games.  Bellevue games will take priority.  For example, there may be a Tuesday night where Varsity Purple plays at Bellevue college, and Varsity White has practice as LWHS because they don’t have a game (or vice versa). Coaches will communicate about those with players, and we will update Tuesday info on this website.   

Fall Ball Coach/Staff Contact Info

Contact Info  

  • Joey Giovacchini, LWBBA Director of Skills and Development; LWBBA Varsity Coach (primary Varsity Purple coach); Cellphone: 425-260-4800;
  • Scott Roberts, LWBBA Varsity Coach (primary Varsity White coach); Cell phone 425-765-0921;


LWHS Boys Varsity 2022-2023

Varsity - Winter 2022

Varsity: 2022-2023

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